ROC Headquarters

No.5 Group, Watford – Closed 1973. Now in private hands and owned by the nearby vet, which have their offices in the Second World War era buildings. The site remains in excellent condition, with most fittings intact and is used by the veterinary surgery for secure storage. They are keen to preserve it.




No.14 Group, Winchester- Closed 1992. Totally demolished in 2008

The former Royal Observer Corp Headquarters, spanning approximately 0.4 hectares in Worthy Road, Winchester, is to be comprehensively redeveloped to provide 14 new family homes. Published on: 17 01 2008 (for further info click Here). Unfortunately it was very vandalised and derelict at the time of our visit (2005) and not easily recognisable. However there were some tantalising remains left.



No.15 Group, Fiskerton – Closed 1992. Now in private hands since 1998 and used for Police Firearms training and specialist police firearms ammunition manufacture. The site has now been heavily modified. See this Subbrit link for internal photos.



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