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17-448 Kunersdorf NVA Communications Bunker, Germany

The 17/448 bunker, at Kunersdorf,  is a 2 level bunker disguised as ‘Weather observation station’. It was in reality the top secret main transmission bunker of the former East German Ministry of Defence. To maintain the cover story of the … Continue reading

Bad Berka Stasi Bunker, Erfurt District, Germany

Alternate command post (AFST) Bad Berka, Code name: “Burgh de Rott” Within each district of East Germany, the Notorious Stasi Secret Police (The Ministry for State Security (German: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, MfS) were provided with an operational command and communications … Continue reading

Erfurt Civil Defense Bunker, Germany

This small bunker was built as a public air raid shelter for the district of Erfurt. During peacetime it was used as a car garage with a double door providing access. In the event of war the double door would … Continue reading

Erfurt Sud Border Guards Bunker, Germany

The Grenztruppen der DDR (originally known as the Grenzpolizei), or Border Guards of the former East Germany were a military force tasked with the defence of the inner German border, the Berlin Wall and the borders of the DDR. To … Continue reading

Halberstadt Komplexlager 12 Bunker, Germany

WW2 History Komplexlager 12. Codename ‘Malachit’ KL-12 NVA-Nr.16/630 (Forward Supply Base 12) Thekenberge Hills, Halberstadt, Germany In 1943 the US and British forces were conducting a successful bombing campaign directed against the factories of Nazi Germany. In order for vital … Continue reading

Le Bunker Eperlecques, France

Towards the end of the War , during 1943, the Germans commenced the building of a number of huge bunkers from which to they were to construct , prepare and launch their newly developed V2 Missile. One of these bunkers … Continue reading

Lossa Communications and Message Bunker, Germany

This is a smaller bunker used in the support of the command and control of the Lossa Soviet area. It was used for communications and message tx/rx. The bunker is in reasonable condition with lots of wiring and signs remaining. … Continue reading

Lossa Soviet 118th Intelligence Corp Command Bunker, Germany

Bunker number TO307 is a bunker that formed part of the Soviet Command area of Lossa in the former East Germany. It was an advanced communications, command and control bunker built in the 1960’s and used by the 118th Intelligence … Continue reading

Massow Camp, Germany

Staff Command Bunker of the Elite Stasi Feliks E. Dzerzhinsky Guards Regiment in Massow This is a Stasi forward control bunker for administering command of Stasi troops in the Brandenburg and Massow military area during movements and training. Specifically it … Continue reading

NVA Radio Transmission Bunker, Germany

This bunker was the radio transceiver facility for the Kommando Luftstreitkräfte/Luftverteidigung (Kdo LSK/LV) which is the Air Force staff and Command, Control and Communications arm of the National Peoples Army (NVA). It is one of four similar installations in the territory of the … Continue reading

Soviet 8th Army Forward Command Bunker, Germany

This small bunker was the forward command post of the Soviet 8th Guards Army. The 8th Army was the main spearhead of the Russian thrust into Berlin in 1945, where the commanding officer, a Lieutenant General Vasily Chuikov, took the surrender of … Continue reading

Soviet Bunkers in Charlottenfelde, Germany

The main Military forces in the Former East Germany during the time of the Cold War were the East German ‘National VolksArmee’ (NVA) which included the Army, Navy and Air as well as the Border Guards of the DDR and … Continue reading

Stasi Alternate Command Bunker, Biesenthal, Germany

The 17-5005 bunker  was the HQ bunker of the Stasi (the East German Secret police or Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (MfS)). This is a 2 level bunker that, although not the largest in EGER, was at the time of construction the … Continue reading

US Naval Facility, Eleuthera, The Bahamas

The “US Navy Experimental Facility, Eleuthera”, the base originated in November 1950 when Western Electric was selected to construct a demonstration SOSUS (Sound Surveillance System) installation on the island. This was part of the larger Project Hartwell initiated by the Americans and MIT.  … Continue reading

Volkspolizei HQ Bunker, Germany

Every major government department in the Former East Germany had some form of protected command centre for the use in a nuclear war scenario. The Volkspolizei (Peoples Police) were of no exception. The Volkspolizei was responsible for law enforcement in … Continue reading

Wandlitz Familienbunker Bunker, Germany

During the DDR times in East Germany, Erich Honecker’s Government had an exclusive and private closed ‘town’ that was not open to regular East Germans. This settlement was officially known as Waldsiedlung Bernau but is commonly referred to as Waldsiedlung … Continue reading

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