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Whilst the majority of the exploring published on this websites concentrates on the Cold War era and the Mental Health system within the UK, there is a need for a number of pages dedicated to the other sites that we have explored over the years.  You will find it all here, ranging from industrial sites through to religious centres.

Acid House, Frith Park, Surrey

The Frith Park estate, which lies to the south west of Walton-on-the-Hill and comprises of approximately 104 hectares of land nestled in the Surrey Hills. The site comprises Frith Park, a former 19th century locally listed manor house, together a … Continue reading

BBC Tatsfield Receiving Station, Surrey

BBC Tatsfield was established in 1929 to monitor domestic radio broadcasts and to ensure that that the frequency was correct and that it was of the highest broadcast quality possible. During the Second World War the site was used as … Continue reading

Bramham House, Leeds

The house was built in 1806 by the Vicar of Bramham , the Rev. Robert Bownas. No less than a decade later they sold the house and grounds to James Fox of Bramham Park for £3000. The house was then gifted to his … Continue reading

Bron Y Garth Hospital Casual Ward, Penrhyndeudraeth

The Festiniog Poor Law Union was formed on 8th May, 1837. Its operation was overseen by an elected Board of Guardians, 22 in number, representing 15 parishes in the area of Snowdonia. In 1831, the census showed that the population … Continue reading

Central Power Station Switchgear Control Room, Bromborough

Central Power Station was built in 1918 to serve the industrial works owned by the Lever Brothers.  Initially, it consisted of three chain grate coal fired boiler and a 5megawatt generator set.  The power stations capacity was expanded during the … Continue reading

Clock House Brickworks, Surrey

Brick production at the Clock House Brickworks dates back to 1933 when the Clock House Brick Company Ltd was founded to exploit a rich seam of Weald Clay that had been discovered.  By 1941 the original company entered into liquidation … Continue reading

Cornish Works, George Barnsley & Sons, Sheffield

George Barnsley and Sons Ltd were founded 1836 by George Barnsley, who began making and selling files in Wheeldon Street in the Brookhill Area. George operated the business by buying in blank steels already cut to shape, converting the metal … Continue reading

Federal Mogul Camshafts, Surrey

Federal Mogul announced in May 2007 that it was seeking 70 redundancies in its 140-strong workforce at the long established engineering premises in Surrey. It announced that it would continue to manufacture out of the Elstead factory, supplying customers such … Continue reading

Finson Fertiliser Factory, Essex

Fisons Fertilizers Limited began in 1959 the manufacture of ammonium nitrate for use in Fisons compound fertilisers at their new site in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. This nitrate salt provides nitrogen to the soil, one of the three essential elements of all plant … Continue reading

G.L. Murphy’s Machinery Factory, Menston

Established in 1926, G.L. Murphy was a family run business and supplied bespoke machinery to the tanning industry, as well as building rag cutting and cable stripping machinery.  The company also provide refurbishment and renovation works for various machinery types. … Continue reading

La Porte Fullers Earth Works, Redhill

The greyish, mineral-rich clay, called fuller’s earth is well-known for its absorbent qualities and has many uses ranging from ingredients incosmetics to ‘mud’ used for drilling oil wells. Its best known use is as cat litter, of which millions of bags … Continue reading

Loxley Independent Chapel, Sheffield

Loxley Chapel was built in 1787 by the Rev Benjamin Greaves who was the curate of Bradfield, along with a few friends. The chapel closed in 1993 after the parish had dwindled to an unsustainable amount. When the construction of … Continue reading

Middlesex Hospital Chapel, London

The first Middlesex Hospital opened in 1745 as the Middlesex Infirmary in Windmill Street, London.  It moved to Mortimer Street in 1757 and was incorporated in 1836 by an Act of Parliament.  In 1924 the building was found to be … Continue reading

RNCF Holton Heath, Dorset

The Royal Naval Cordite Factory (RNCF), Holton Heath was opened in January 1916 and was the first purpose-built site for cordite MD production in the country. Other factories in the country were already in existence, but they also produced other … Continue reading

Silverlands Orphanage, Chertsey

Nestled on the outskirts of the M25 in Chertsey lays a Grade II listed manor house with a potted history of uses. Originally built in the early 19th century by the Brewer Robert Porter, it was then went through multiple … Continue reading

Swillington Brickworks, Leeds

Swillington Brickworks was constructed between at the end of the 1950’s, finished in the mid 1960’s, by George Armitage and Sons PLC, who had a history of making bricks in the area since 1824. Initially, the site was built to produce around … Continue reading

The Littlewoods Building, Liverpool

The Littlewoods Pools empire was founded in 1923 when John Moore, John & Colin Askham, and Bill Hughes joined together to start a pools business.  Their business was based on the same principal as a similar scheme started in Birmingham by … Continue reading

The National Gas Turbine Establishment - Pyestock

The National Gas Turbine Establishment, or Pyestock, was the countries leading Jet Engine research establishment.  In 1926 the Royal Aircraft Establishment under the guidance of Dr Alan Griffith begun theorising the development of the Gas Turbine for the powering of … Continue reading

The Potters Manor, Sussex

Nestled in the Sussex Hills is an old Edwardian Manor House, dating back to 1904. Not a lot of history can be found about the house, but for an unknown reason the last occupants deserted the property and left behind … Continue reading

Tone Mill, Wellington, Somerset

During the late sixteenth century the Were family of Wellington began producing serge as a cottage industry. In the early seventeenth century, Edward Fox married Hannah Were and soon took over the serge trade. Typically, the wool industry thrived in areas … Continue reading

Tonedale Mill, Wellington, Somerset

During the late sixteenth century the Were family of Wellington began producing serge as a cottage industry. In the early seventeenth century, Edward Fox married Hannah Were and soon took over the serge trade. Typically, the wool industry thrived in areas … Continue reading

Tower Brickworks, Selborne

Brickwork production has existed at the Selborne site since circa 1872, where handmade bricks were produced using traditional methods.  On the 6th of November, 2009, the site was closed due to the worldwide economic down turn that severely effected the … Continue reading

Tower Colliery, Hirwaun, Wales

Coal mining at Tower Colliery can be traced back to the start of the 19th Century when it was locally known that it was possible to drift mine coal from around Hirwaun common. In 1864 the first colliery was established and … Continue reading

West Ham Magistrates' and Coroners' Court, Stratford

The West Ham court house, also know as West ham Magistrates’ or West ham Police and Coroner’s court, is a Yellow brick Victorian era Italianate Court house built in 1884 and officially opened in 1885. The complex of buildings were designed … Continue reading

West Middlesex Hospital, Brentford

Before the passing of the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834, the administration of the English Poor Laws was the responsibility of individual parishes throughout the UK. These varied widely in their size, populations, financial resources and requirements, which led to differing … Continue reading

Wolverton Railway Works, Buckinghamshire

The Wolverton Railway Works was established in 1838 by the London and Birmingham Railway (L&BR). The railway works is famously known as being the home of the Royal Carriages. The Works were situated at the midpoint of the 112-mile corridor from … Continue reading

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