Asylum History

With our fascination of the old Victorian Asylum system, we have compiled and collected a wealth of information.  Within this section, you will find an archive of it all.

Asylum Architecture

The current ideals of the Asylum layout can be attributed to Peter Cracknell who carried out a study in 2004. There are five main styles of Asylum design, they are Radial Plan Corridor Plan Pavilion Plan Echelon Plan Colony Plan … Continue reading

The Asylums List

In 1914 there were over one hundred thousand patients within over one hundred mental institutions around the United Kingdom, the majority of these institutions were built since the passing of the 1845 Act. With the passing of the care in … Continue reading

The History of the Asylum

This section has been reworked to update the previous Asylum history pages contained within this website, which were in desperate need of revision, and to provide a further background reading to the specific histories of each Asylum we have visited. … Continue reading

The Padded Cell

As infamous as the Asylums themselves, the Padded Cell was an essential piece of equipment within the wards.  They were a special room and it was not intended that patients were housed in them for long periods of time; it … Continue reading

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